New Home Savings Program for Southeast Michigan Townhomes

Photo of a kitchenSave Toward Your Dream Home with MI Neighborhoods!

We realize that owning a home is the American dream. However, when renting, it is difficult to save money toward that dream. Lucky for you, when you live in one of our communities, our New Home Savings Program (NHSP) will help you save $200 per month toward the purchase of a new home.

This program allows you to earn up to $6,000* toward the purchase of a Livonia Builders home at any of their participating communities! For more information on Livonia Builders, visit

Here’s how it works (a sales associate will provide terms and conditions):

  1. Sign a lease and move into any of our exclusive apartment communities.
  2. Ask your sales associate for participation and enrollment into NHSP.
  3. Follow the terms and conditions of the lease and earn $200 per month, plus an additional “on-time bonus” of $600 per year toward the purchase of a new Livonia Builders home** to a maximum total of $6,000 for two years.
  4. When you find a Livonia Builders home that is perfect for you, your sales associate will contact your apartment community to get a final statement of the NHSP earned.***
  5. In the event a Livonia Builders home doesn’t suit your needs and another home is selected, the NHSP will be reduced to $40 per month plus an additional bonus of $200 per compliance year, up to two years. When resident uses our recommended realtor group and mortgage company, the maximum amount for this segment of the program is $1,360 for a two-year lease.

*$6,000 includes added “on time bonus” money and two-year lease.
**At participating home communities at time of purchase.
***Subject to community qualifications and mortgage program guidelines.

To live in a beautiful community and start saving for your dream home, fill out the form on this page or call (734) 644-0205 today!